"Black recipe" that can only be tasted here

Our sweets use "black cocoa", which has been processed to make the color stand out more when making cocoa from cocoa beans, as the main ingredient.

This cocoa is a material that I was fascinated by and started researching in the research and development department of a confectionery material company that I had never met in my patisserie training era for more than 10 years and worked before the establishment. .. As a result, "My Black Recipe" was evaluated by confectionery makers nationwide and became a commercial dessert and was commercialized.

By combining the know-how of researching the blackest cocoa in the world and the technology cultivated as a pastry chef, we propose sweets that can only be tasted at Patisserie Chronoir.


パティスリー クロノアールのコンセプトである“黒いお菓子”に出会ったのは、研究開発部門で働き始めてすぐの頃でした。コンビニで黒いお菓子が流行していた時期でもあって、黒色のお菓子をつくれる「ブラックココア」にのめり込みました。










The origin of black sweets

Explains typical items that are the raw materials for "black sweets" that Chronoir continues to pursue.

  • Black cocoa

    Black cocoa

    Among the cocoa, black cocoa is a powder that is more specialized in color tone. Alkaline cocoa with a pH of 8.3 or higher is very suspendable and has a texture that does not feel particles. The taste is a spice type that feels sour and salty.

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